Stay Safe and Well

Your health and wellbeing is important. UCIC offers academic support if you need help with your studies. Student Services organise optional social activities, from sports matches to group morning teas to help you students to enjoy their time away from studies.

Utilise our resources for tips on staying happy, healthy and safe while you complete your studies at UCIC.

For more information, visit:

UC Recreation Centre

The 'Rec' Centre is free for all students to use! From lifting weights, to relaxing yoga classes we have you covered.

It's the perfect space to clear your head after a day of study. There is even a climbing wall!

Register at reception and your Canterbury Card will give you access for the year.


Being a student is an exciting time where you will make new friends and experience different learning opportunities. It is important to enjoy your city and your campus and feel safe in your new environment. There may be some new cultural differences.

For example, we drive on the left side of the road in New Zealand, so you need to look the other way first when crossing.

Overall Christchurch is a very safe community. However, simple things like leaving large amounts of cash and your important documents - such as a passport - at home while you are out and about is recommended.

Please take the time to read ourĀ safety flyer for tips to assist and protect you from unlikely, unsafe situations.