Orientation is the beginning of your journey at UCIC. It introduces you to a new study environment, a new country, and a new way of life. Attendance is mandatory for all new students.

What Programmes Does UCIC Offer?

UCIC offers the Foundation Studies Certificate, a programme that, upon successful completion, leads to the first year of bachelor degree programmes at the University of Canterbury.

Additionally, UCIC provides University Transfer Programmes (UTPs) in Engineering, Commerce, and Science. UTPs are equivalent to the first year of the relevant bachelor degree from UC, paving the way for students to enter the second year of the bachelor degree programmes at the University of Canterbury.

Orientation Highlights

Orientation at UCIC is a crucial step for all new students. It involves:

  • Receiving information about your UCIC programme and the orientation kit
  • Meeting UCIC staff, student mentors, and fellow students
  • Introduction to various services and facilities available to you
  • Information sessions covering New Zealand culture, daily life, accommodation, banking, finance, employment, safety, health, medical and travel insurance, navigating Christchurch, and computer skills
  • Ensuring enrollment, creating your timetable, purchasing textbooks, and obtaining your UCIC Student ID Card.

What Do I Need to Bring?

Bring your UCIC Offer Letter, passport, current address, and contact details. If you haven't provided a certified copy of your academic and English transcripts, bring them for enrollment.

What are the Dates and Where Do I Go?

Refer to the email you received for orientation instructions and guidebook.

For any issues, contact UCIC Admissions at admissions@ucic.ac.nz

Academic Calendar

YearIntake MonthOrientation DateTrimester StartsMid-Trimester BreakExam Finish
2024February14-16 Feb19 Feb1 - 7 April25 May
June12-14 June17 June29 July - 4 Aug21 Sep
October9-11 Oct14 Oct23 Dec - 5 Jan 202525 Jan 2025