Student Community

Student Community

Get ready to kick off your UCIC and University of Canterbury adventure by connecting with fellow students. During your first week you’ll have the opportunity to meet your new classmates and some current students.

To get a sneak peek into life before your arrival, explore UCIC's vibrant social media community:

UCIC Facebook

Have questions? Our facebook page is for you to connect with others.

It's a space where current students interact, whether it's to make friends, exchange textbooks, or share experiences at UCIC and stay updated on the latest events.

UCIC Instagram

Follow us for all the UCIC community happenings in real time across our Instagram stories and posts!

Better yet - message us your photos and we’ll reshare them! #UCIC


UCSA offers an excellent opportunity to meet new friends who share your interests. Joining clubs is encouraged, and they provide robust support services. ,

Don't miss their fortnightly publication, 'Canta' - always an enjoyable read!

They are always very active across their Facebook, Instagram and Tik Tok accounts too!


Join us online and be part of the vibrant UCIC and UC communities even before your first day!

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