Graduate Opportunities

How Much Can You Expect to Earn with a Degree from a New Zealand University Such as the University of Canterbury?

Graduates from New Zealand universities are in high demand. Both in New Zealand and internationally. Below is a list of average yearly wages paid by qualification level in New Zealand in 2016.

Average Yearly Wages by Qualification Level in 2016

JobMedian Salary (NZ$) with less than 1 year experience (2016)
Account Manager$50,745
Business Analyst$67,988
Civil Engineer$59,211
Data Administrator$41,398
Electrical Engineer$50,000
Environmental Scientist$50,069
Finance Manager$51,415
Graphic Designer$42,755
Human Resource Advisor$49,118
Marketing Assistant$40,000
Mechanical Engineer$50,000
Office Worker$46,646
Operations Manager$71,171
Product Development Engineer$69,198
Project Engineer$63,640
Registered Nurse$41,124
Software Developer$54,378
Software Engineer$59,255