Graduate Opportunities

How Much Can You Expect to Earn with a Degree from a New Zealand University Such as the University of Canterbury?

New Zealand universities, including the University of Canterbury, provide graduates with excellent opportunities in the job market, both locally and globally.

Here's an overview of average yearly wages in New Zealand based on qualification levels in 2016:

  • Certificate: $48,800
  • Diploma: $52,000
  • Bachelor's Degree: $74,000
  • Postgraduate Certificate or Diploma: $76,800
  • Master's Degree: $84,500
  • Doctoral Degree: $97,600

These figures reflect the competitive earning potential for graduates, showcasing the value of a degree from a New Zealand university.

Average Yearly Wages by Qualification Level in 2016

JobMedian Salary (NZ$) with less than 1 year experience (2016)
Account Manager$50,745
Business Analyst$67,988
Civil Engineer$59,211
Data Administrator$41,398
Electrical Engineer$50,000
Environmental Scientist$50,069
Finance Manager$51,415
Graphic Designer$42,755
Human Resource Advisor$49,118
Marketing Assistant$40,000
Mechanical Engineer$50,000
Office Worker$46,646
Operations Manager$71,171
Product Development Engineer$69,198
Project Engineer$63,640
Registered Nurse$41,124
Software Developer$54,378
Software Engineer$59,255