Foundation Studies Certificate

As a Foundation Studies student you will develop your English language and study skills as well as gain an introduction to subjects in your chosen academic field.
UCIC Foundation Studies Certificate will pathway students to the first year of their University of Canterbury undergraduate degree.* Students will study 8 courses over the course of 2 semesters. Courses are carefully selected and will depend on a students intended programme of study at UC.

*Please note that entrance to a small number of UC degree programmes may be subject to additional entrance criteria such as Grade Point Average. The experienced UCIC admissions team will advise students if this is the case when issuing offer letters to the UCIC Foundation Studies Certificate and will assist students with their queries on the process for entrance to these programmes.

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February, June, October

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Core Courses

Three courses**

  • Communication Skills II
  • Communication Skills III
  • Introduction to Computing

Optional courses

Students will choose three optional courses in consultation with the UCIC academic team from the relevant stream. These courses are determined by the student’s preferred UC degree and future career intentions.


Students will choose a further two elective courses relevant to their programme of study in consultation with the UCIC academic team.

Admission Requirements

* Additional courses may be added in the future.
** Each course is worth 15 credits.

Note: Course availability is subject to class numbers and availability

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