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UC International College

Frequently Asked Questions

About UCIC

Q : Who is UCIC?

A : UCIC - The UC International College (UCIC) is your pathway to a degree at the University of Canterbury. As part of the global Navitas Group, UCIC's programmes and approach to teaching offer you the opportunity to be fully prepared for university studies and have a smooth transition to the University of Canterbury.

Q : What programmes does UCIC offer?

A : UCIC offers:

  • Foundation Studies Certificate which on successful completion leads into the first year of the bachelor degree programmes at the University of Canterbury.
  • University Transfer Programmes (UTPs) in Engineering, Commerce and Science. UTPs are equivalent to the first year of the relevant bachelor degree from UC. Upon successful completion of UTP, students will pathway into the second year of the bachelor degree programmes at the University of Canterbury.
  • Study Abroad in Engineering, Commerce and Science. A short, one semester programme for international students looking for a study abroad experience.

Q : Where is UCIC located?

A : UCIC programmes are conducted on the University of Canterbury campus at Ilam, in Christchurch, New Zealand. Being located on campus enables students to access and enjoy all facilities and services, creating a smoother transition to their degree at the University of Canterbury.

Q : As UCIC is located on the University of Canterbury campus, can UCIC students use the campus facilities and services?

A : Absolutely. As a UCIC student you are able to use all services and facilities at the University of Canterbury including the library and recreation centre. You are also able to join University of Canterbury's clubs and societies.

Q : Is the UTP equivalent to first year university?

A : Yes. The UTP courses are the same level as those for the relevant first year undergraduate programmes offered by the University of Canterbury.

Q : What is the advantage of going to UCIC rather than doing first year University?

A : The advantages for students are many. Classes are much smaller than the usual university lecture size. UCIC students have more class time per unit than university which allows more time to understand the course. You also have the choice of studying over two or three semesters in one calendar year.

Q : Are UCIC programmes recognised by other universities in New Zealand?

A : Advanced standing is given on an individual case basis, you will need to contact the university to determine this.

Q : What is the composition of the student population at the University of Canterbury?

A : Students at UC are from more than 80 countries around the world. UC is a vibrant and diverse place to live and study with a student population of around 14,000.

Q : Can I study part-time?

A : International students must study full-time to meet visa conditions.

Q : What if I need help with my studies whilst I am at UCIC?

A : There are many forms of support available to support you throughout your studies at UCIC. If you find yourself having difficulty in a course, you should contact your lecturer and organise a time to meet to discuss this. A Student Learning Advisor and a Student Mentor are also available to help with your studies. UCIC students can also access all workshops run by UC’s Academic Skill Centre.

About the classes

Q : How are classes taught?

A : There are a combination of lectures, tutorials and labs. Tutorials are smaller classes where there is a lot of opportunity for students to work together and ask the teacher questions.

Q : What time are classes scheduled at UCIC?

A: Classes normally are scheduled between the hours of 8.30am to 7.30pm, however, sometimes classes will be scheduled at other times as needed.

Q : What is the maximum number of units that I can study each semester?

A: Four units is the maximum for any student in any one semester.

Q : What if I fail some units - do I have to repeat the whole semester?

A : No. Because of the flexible nature of the programme it is possible to progress to new units whilst retaking those which have been failed. As three semesters of study can be completed in one calendar year, students who fail one or more units can get back 'on track' without loss of time.

Q : How many intake dates are there each year?

A : There are three intakes per year - February, June and October.

Applying to UCIC

Q : How do I apply?

A : It is easy, click here and follow the instructions.

Q : How long will it take to receive an offer from UCIC?

A : It will only take 24 - 48 hours to receive an offer from UCIC.

Q : I am not an International student. Can I still study at UCIC?

A : No. UCIC can only accept international students at this stage.

Exemptions/Recognition for Prior Learning


Q : Can I apply for exemptions?

A : Yes, you can apply for exemptions for prior learning, which includes formal study undertaken in recognised tertiary institutions in New Zealand, including universities, colleges and other post-secondary education institutions.

Q : How do I apply for exemptions?

A : it is easy, click here and follow the instructions.

Q : How many exemptions can I receive?

A : A maximum of four exemptions may be granted. Students must enrol and successfully complete all remaining UCIC courses awarded for the UTP.

UCIC Entry requirements

Q : What are the entry requirements for UCIC?

A : Entry requirements are course specific and country specific. Click on the following link to find out more.

Fee Payment


Q : How do I pay my fees?

A : You can pay your fees by Telegraphic Transfer/Direct Deposit, Bank Draft/Bank Cheque. Click here for detailed information.

Q : Are scholarships available at UCIC?

A : Yes, check out this link for more information

Medical and Travel Insurance

Q : Do I have to have medical and travel insurance?

A : All international students must have adequate medical and travel insurance as a condition of their visa. Adequate medical and travel insurance must also be in place for any spouse or dependents.

Q : What does Medical and Travel insurance cover?

A : This will vary by policy, but an adequate policy should include sufficient coverage for unexpected medical treatment, emergency evacuation/repatriation, personal effects and personal liability. To determine whether coverage is sufficient, please contact UCIC Admissions. For further details, read UCIC and UC's Studentsafe-University Insurance policy.

Q : How much do I pay?

A : This will depend on the duration of your visa and whether you have any dependents. UCIC will notify you of the costs in your offer letter.

Q : What if I already have Medical and Travel Insurance?

A : If you already have Medical and Travel insurance, or if you wish to take out your own policy, please provide proof of coverage to UCIC before you accept your offer. UCIC must assess the policy and determine its suitability, so we advise you to check with UCIC Admissions before purchasing your policy.


Q : What happens at Orientation and do I need to attend?

A : Yes, you definitely need to attend Orientation as this is the day you will enrol in your units. You will also meet key staff at UCIC and be informed about the many services available to you as an UCIC student. It is also a great opportunity to meet future friends in your mentor guided groups.

Q : What do I need to bring to Orientation?

A : Bring your UCIC offer letter, pen, and passport.

Q : What happens if I am late?

A : Please notify UCIC immediately if you cannot attend and you will be instructed about a late enrolment session.

Course Changes/Withdrawals

Q : Can I change my courses after I have enrolled?

A : Students may make changes to their original enrolment/course selection if vacancies are available in classes. After the on-line enrolment period is closed, students who want to make a change should go to UCIC Reception. No changes to unit selection can be made two weeks after the commencement of a semester.Note: International students must maintain a full time enrolment.

Q : How do I withdraw from my programme?

A : Students who wish to withdraw from a programme must go to UCIC Reception for an appointment with Student Services to complete the Withdrawal form. Withdrawals will not be processed unless a form has been completed. Students are bound by the UCIC Refund Policy, applicable from the date of their original application to withdraw. International students who withdraw from a course will be reported to Immigration New Zealand within one week of the withdrawal being approved and will be required to return home within 15 days.


Q : Does UCIC hold a graduation ceremony?

A : Yes, UCIC organises a graduation ceremony for students who have successfully completed their study. Family and friends are encouraged to attend. An invitation to the Graduation Ceremony will be sent to graduands via mail approximately 4-6 weeks prior to the ceremony.

UCIC enrolled Students

Q : I am an enrolled student where do I get help and find out more about my course?

A : UCIC students have access to the Student Portal - you should access this portal regularly as it contains important information about your study at UCIC. If you have specific questions, the friendly UCIC reception staff are always there to help.

Transferring to University of Canterbury

Q : How do I transfer to University of Canterbury?

A : There are specific academic guidelines that students must meet to in order transfer to the University of Canterbury. Information sessions on transferring to the University of Canterbury are held at UCIC each semester. Dates, times and venues are posted to the Student Portal.

Q : How can I obtain more information about University of Canterbury programmes?

A : Simply go to the UC website: