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UC International College

Conditions of Enrolment


  1. Provision has been made to safeguard payments made by students, in compliance with the Student Fee Protection Rules 2013 (the Rules), made under section 253 of the Education Act 1989. All tuition fees paid will be deposited into the UCIC account with the Public Trust, the approved independent trustee. When the student commences study, UC International College will draw down these funds from the account as permitted under the Rules. For further details please see:

  2. Once an applicant accepts a place in a programme offered by UCIC and pays fees to the UCIC Public Trust Account (Student Fee Protection Mechanism), a binding contract is created between the student and UCIC. The Contract between the applicant and UCIC is governed by the laws of New Zealand. Students should ensure that they read any offer carefully and seek clarification if not clear on any point. Acceptance of a place offered by UCIC also signifies acknowledgement that policies may be reviewed and amended from time to time. Updated policies are found at:

  3. All fees, charges and accounts will be payable in advance. Students will not be permitted to commence or continue their course at the beginning of any semester until all outstanding fees, charges or accounts are paid, and Public Trust documentation has been completed. Failure to complete all required fees and enrolment processes will result in the cancellation or termination of the student’s enrolment.

  4. Where a student studies less than or more than a full semester load (four courses), the student will pay the current per course fee for each course undertaken. Should it be necessary for the student to repeat a course, the full course amount will be charged.

  5. No refunds are given for tuition fees unless the student has cancelled or withdrawn from their programme as permitted in the UCIC Refund Policy. Any overpayment of fees will remain credited towards a student's account and applied against charges in a subsequent semester.

General Conditions

  1. Students are required to attend all classes in which they are timetabled and undertake all tests and examinations during a course. Attendance will be calculated from the published semester start date.

  2. Student must abide by all rules and regulations of UCIC and/or the University of Canterbury that are in force at any time.

  3. UCIC may by written notice vary conditions of enrolment as may be necessary to comply with any law, regulation or amendment thereof, of New Zealand.

  4. In the event of circumstances requiring urgent medical care where it is not possible to contact the parent/guardian, UCIC is authorised as a matter of urgency to seek and provide appropriate medical care.

  5. Students with complaints of an academic or non-academic nature are encouraged to access the UCIC complaints and appeals process. This agreement does not prevent a student's right to access New Zealand's consumer protection laws or to pursue other legal remedies. However, students are encouraged in the first instance to access the College’s complaints process.

International Students

  1. International students must complete their programme within the period specified on their Letter of Offer and Student Visa and are not permitted to study part-time (unless this is approved by Immigration New Zealand).

  2. It is a student’s responsibility to secure an appropriate student visa to study at UC International College and to comply with all requirements of this visa. Students will not be permitted to commence or continue their course at the beginning of any semester until they have submitted an appropriate visa for studying at UCIC. Failure to submit confirmation of visa to UCIC Student Services before Census Day* of the semester will result in the cancellation or termination of the student’s enrolment.

  3. Student visas are usually issued for the duration of the programme. Unless on a pathway visa, UCIC students progressing to the University of Canterbury will need to re-apply for a new visa upon completion of their UCIC programme and acceptance in their University of Canterbury programme. Information on student visa application or renewal is available at

  4. UCIC may report to Immigration New Zealand any student who is not making satisfactory progress in their studies or is not attending classes as stipulated in their Student Visa and UCIC’s Attendance Policy. Please refer to the UCIC Satisfactory Programme Progress and Attendance Policies for more information:

  5. Students must notify UCIC of any change to their contact details, accommodation type, residential address within New Zealand and Immigration status. It is a requirement of the Guidelines for the Education (Pastoral Care of International Students) Code of Practice 2016 –Tertiary (Outcome 3: Offers, enrolment and contracts) that signatories hold this information at all times.

  6. It is a visa requirement that international students pay and maintain appropriate Medical and Travel insurance for the length of their stay in New Zealand. Students should disclose all prior medical conditions which may have an effect on their insurance cover as pre-existing conditions will not be covered unless prior approval given by the insurance provider. See UCIC Student Services staff for information regarding this. It is always important to disclose any additional requirements that you may have - both for insurance purposes and to enable UCIC to fully support you in your studies.

  7. International students can only work part time under certain circumstances, and only with the appropriate variation in visa conditions. Please refer to the New Zealand Immigration website for more details:

  8. You should acquaint yourself with the full New Zealand student visa conditions at: BEFORE accepting your offer at UCIC.

  9. Students must meet the minimum English proficiency requirements prior to commencing their programme. Where a student's English language skills are insufficient, the student may be referred to CCEL to complete a relevant English language course prior to commencement of studies at the discretion of UCIC.

  10. Information about you is collected during enrolment in order to meet UCIC's obligations under the Education (Pastoral Care of International Students) Code of Practice 2016 and as a Private Training Establishment registered with the NZQA. Information may also be collected in order for UCIC to provide services to you. This may include customer services, academic, admission, accommodation and welfare services. You may request access to personal information held by UCIC by contacting Navitas Data Protection Manager Australasia and Africa at For more information please refer to our Privacy Policy:

Maintaining Enrolment

  1. The Guidelines for the Education (Pastoral Care of International Students) Code of Practice 2016 –Tertiary is a framework which ensures a high standard of care and wellbeing is maintained for international students while they live and study in New Zealand. The Code is established under section 238F of the Education Act 1989. The Code is available:

  2. While enrolled at UC International College you are expected to abide by all requirements of the conditions of your enrolment. This includes abiding by the academic and other policies of UCIC. These policies can be accessed at:

  3. You will also need to abide by applicable academic regulations of the University of Canterbury (UC) as advised by UCIC Academic staff.

  4. Students should be aware that their enrolment at UCIC may be terminated because of unsatisfactory attendance, unsatisfactory programme progress, academic misconduct or general misconduct. Please refer to the following policies for specific information: Attendance Policy, Satisfactory Programme Progress Policy, Student Code of Conduct Policy and Academic Integrity Policy. It is a student’s responsibility to ensure that they are familiar with all policies and how they apply to them.

  5. When proceeding to terminate a student’s enrolment on the above grounds, UCIC will implement a process in which the student will be given an opportunity to provide reasons why they should not have their enrolment terminated. Students will also be able to access Appeal provisions.

  6. It is a student’s responsibility to maintain a current visa to study at UCIC at all times. Students who do not apply for a visa renewal prior to expiry of their current visa will automatically have their enrolment at UCIC terminated. It is a requirement under the Education (Pastoral Care of International Students) Code of Practice 2016 that signatories to the Code cannot allow a person to be enrolled if he/she is not entitled to under the Immigration Act 2019. See below for any possible refund provisions.

  7. Where a student’s enrolment is terminated, or a student withdraws or defers their enrolment, UCIC will notify Immigration New Zealand immediately that the student is no longer enrolled at UCIC.

  8. Students must check their uclive email regularly for notifications.

Programme/Course Cancellations

    1. UCIC reserves the right to cancel a programme or course intake where the College Director and Principal has determined that enrolments in the programme are insufficient.

    2. UCIC reserves the right to cancel a course if no suitably qualified staff member is available to teach the course. If any of these eventualities occur, the student will be counselled regarding available options.

    3. A programme or course many also be cancelled due to emergency situations or exceptional circumstances, as approved by the College Director and Principal.

Refund Policy

      1. No refunds are given for tuition fees or overpayment of fees unless the student has completed, cancelled or withdrawn from their course. Notification of withdrawal or deferment from a programme of studies student must be made formally by submission of a completed Withdrawal or Deferment Form in line with the Withdrawal and Deferment Policy. See:

      2. Students who wish to apply for a refund, must submit a Refund Request Form to UCIC reception.

      3. In the unlikely event that UCIC is unable to deliver a programme in full, the refund will be paid within 5 working days from the day on which the programme ceased being provided by UCIC. In the latter event, students may opt to accept a place in a suitable alternative programme offered by UCIC at no additional cost or else they have the right to a full refund of programme fees.

      4. Where an international student's visa application is rejected (prior to commencement), a student must withdraw from UCIC and the cancellation fee will be calculated as shown below. Proof of visa refusal must be sent to UCIC after visa refusal notification from the Immigration New Zealand. This does not apply to visa applications/renewals rejected by Immigration New Zealand due to a breach of student visa conditions.

      5. For current information, please refer to UCIC’s Refund and Student Fee Protection policies at:

Notification Period Cancellation Penalty Refund
Withdrawal from programme
Visa Refused prior to course commencement - Evidence of refusal necessary: $NZD 200 Total fees less $200 NZD
Before Programme Commencement Date    
More than 10 weeks: $NZD 500  Total fees less $500 NZD
10 weeks or less: 15% of total student fees 85% of total fees received
After Programme Commencement Date    
Before the end of Week 2 of the programme (Census Day) : 25% of total student fees 75% of total fees received
After the end of Week 2 of the programme: 100% No refund
Deferral of programme
Deferral to subsequent semester

No penalty if deferral prior to commencement of semester. Monies held until commencement/re-commencement. However, forfeit of current semester’s fees if student defers after Census Day. Subsequent withdrawal or termination will be assessed as at date of receipt of the deferment notification.

If a new visa application or renewal is refused by Immigration New Zealand after commencement of programme, UCIC may offer the student deferral to the following semester, depending on the circumstances of the refusal.
Cancellation from programme by UCIC
Programme cancelled by UCIC 100% refund of total fees
Cancellation due to breach of visa conditions or termination of enrolment for misconduct,unsatisfactory programme progression or unsatisfactory attendance. No refund of initial programme fees
Applications for refund are calculated on completion by the students of the Refund Request form, available from the UCIC reception or by emailing:

Deferment of Studies

Students must formally advise UCIC if they are unable to commence their studies until a subsequent semester. UCIC will hold the fees paid until re-commencement without imposing a penalty if approval is granted prior to Census Day. If the student subsequently withdraws, the Refund Policy will apply as at the date UCIC was advised in writing of the withdrawal.

For international students, a deferment to commencement of studies can only be granted in compassionate or compelling circumstances, that is, circumstances beyond the control of the student and which have an impact upon the student's course progress or wellbeing.

Transfer Policy

Students on an international student visa are required to remain with their existing programme of study and/or education provider until a Variation of Conditions (or a further student visa) has been approved. If you change education provider or programme before obtaining authority to do so, you will be in breach of your visa conditions. Students who breach their visa conditions may not be granted further visas (or a variation of conditions) and may become liable for deportation.

For further details please see

If a student wishes to make a programme change they must submit a Change of Programme application prior to week 10 of the semester (for a change to the subsequent semester).  Any changes to enrolment must be approved by the Academic Coordinator (or nominee) and will be subject to visa approval. Change of Enrolment requests (concerning changes to majors or courses) must be submitted within the first two weeks of the semester. No changes can be made to programme or course enrolments after Census Day* for the current semester.

Change of Programme or Change to Enrolment forms are available at the front desk or by emailing

* The last day for commencing (new) students to enrol in their programme and the last day for current (returning) students to register in classes or make changes to their programme or courses. Census Day falls on the tenth working day after the published commencement date of the semester.