About the UCIC Pathway

UCIC offers an exclusive pathway into University of Canterbury undergraduate programmes. UCIC offers University Transfer Programmes (UTPs) which are unique in New Zealand. UTPs are the equivalent to the University of Canterbury's first year of the bachelor's degree. After successful completion students then pathway to the second year of their degree.

UCIC also offers students a pre-university Foundations Studies Certificate and a new Study Abroad option. Upon successful completion of Foundation Studies, Students may pathway to year 1 of their undergraduate degree at the University of Canterbury. All of these are delivered in a supportive, nurturing environment right on the University of Canterbury's beautiful campus.

Why Choose the UCIC Pathway?

When you study at UCIC as your first year pathway into your University of Canterbury (UC) bachelor's degree, you will receive a welcoming and supportive study experience with students from New Zealand as well as many different countries.

Here are some of what you can expect when you study at UCIC:

  1. A supportive and nurturing environment that is imperative to first year of study.
  2. Located on UC campus so students get to familiarise themselves with the campus.
  3. Smaller class sizes which results in greater chance of academic success.
  4. Access to the same facilities as UC students.
  5. More one to one interaction with tutors.