Information for Parents and Families

Which Undergraduate Program is Suitable for Your Child?

Supporting Your Child's Journey to Success

As a parent, making the right choice when it comes to your child's university education can be a significant decision. Your role is not only to guide but also to provide the support necessary to help them make this life-changing choice.

To assist you and your child in this pivotal moment, we've put together a list of frequently asked questions that address your concerns. We understand that this may be a confusing and challenging time for you as a parent. To provide clarity, we've compiled answers to some of the most common questions from parents of our international students:

How many hours of lectures will my child attend each week?

Students typically attend 4 hours of class per unit each week. Most students opt for 3-4 units per trimester, resulting in a weekly commitment of 12-16 hours of classes. As wel as this, students are required to undertake additional self study.

How does UCIC's support compare to the University of Canterbury?

UCIC is purposefully designed to offer students more support in their first year of university studies. With small class sizes that ensure direct access to lecturers, ongoing academic guidance from trained advisers, regular academic workshops, one-on-one tuition, and study skills classes, your child will find a nurturing environment tailored to their needs.

Will my child have access to all university facilities?

Certainly. UCIC students enjoy full access to university services and facilities, including the library, sports amenities, Canterbury Career Service, and a wide array of clubs and associations.

Can my child use University of Canterbury student accommodation?

Yes, they will have access to various accommodation options, ranging from dormitory-style to shared arrangements, homestays, and townhouse-style housing.

Will I receive regular reports on my child’s academic progress at UCIC?

If your child is under 18, you can contact UCIC at any time to receive information about their progress. However, if your child is over 18, they must provide consent before we can share any information with you.

Is my child guaranteed entry to a University of Canterbury degree after completing a UCIC University Transfer Programme (UTP)?

Your child's entry to a University of Canterbury degree is guaranteed, provided they successfully complete all 8 UTP units and achieve the required 'weighted average mean' (WAM) for their chosen degree. The required WAM may vary based on the specific Canterbury course.

How can I assist my child in accepting the Offer Letter received from UCIC?

It's a straightforward process. Visit our dedicated page for instructions on accepting the Offer Letter. If you're in contact with an official UCIC representative in your country, they can also assist with accepting the Offer Letter.

How do I pay my child’s tuition fees?

You have multiple payment options for your child’s tuition fees, including bank cheques and telegraphic funds transfer.

Detailed instructions can be found in the Letter of Offer we sent you. To secure your child's place at UCIC, we'll need to receive their acceptance form, enrolment fee, and tuition fees as outlined in the Letter of Offer.

Payment will be processed after all conditions on the Letter of Offer are met and accepted by the Admissions Department. Your child's journey to success begins here.

Receive Their Letter of Offer Via Email

If your child’s application is successful they will receive a Letter of Offer for UCIC and University of Canterbury explaining the courses they have been offered, the fees payable, and the course commencement date.

Our Admissions Department will send them an email if additional documents are required, before offering them a place at UCIC.

Accept the Letter of Offer

In order to secure your child’s place at UCIC we will need to receive their acceptance form, enrolment fee and tuition fees as outlined in their Letter of Offer. Payment will not be receipted by UCIC until all the conditions on the Letter of Offer have been met and accepted by the Admissions Department.