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UC International College

Pre-Arrival Checklist

Pre-Arrival Checklist

There is so much to think about and look forward to as you start this journey. To help make things a little easier for you, we have supplied you with a check list below. This can help you to keep everything in order.

I have submitted an Application for Admission and provided all the required documentation.

I have accepted my Offer of Place.

I have paid my tuition fees.

I have arranged my accommodation.

I have applied for and been granted my student visa

I have arranged travel and medical insurance.

I have notified my Embassy that I will be studying at UC International College.

I have booked and confirmed my travel arrangements, and will arrive in time for orientation.

I have arranged transit visa(s) through other countries, where necessary.

I have informed UCIC of my arrival time and requested an airport pick-up.

I have photocopied my important documents, such as the personal page of my passport and my airline tickets, and given them to someone at home for safe keeping.

I have familiarised myself with the information on the New Zealand Customs website and I am aware of what I am not allowed to bring into New Zealand.

I have viewed New Zealand Customs Service website and I understand the explanation of duties and taxes on articles imported into New Zealand and which goods are absolutely prohibited to be imported into New Zealand.

In my check-in luggage

I have removed from my luggage any items which are prohibited in New Zealand.

I have packed something I value to remind me of my home and home country

In my carry-on bag

I have packed the following documents:

My passport and all travel documents.

My student visa.

My Offer of Place letter.

My tuition fee receipt (if fees have already been paid), or a letter of scholarship award, if applicable.

Details of my accommodation.

My driver’s licence translated into English (if I have one and intend driving a vehicle).

Copies of information about prescription medicines from my doctor in English.

A copy of medical information from my doctor (if necessary) in English.

Details of my medical and travel insurance policy

Contact details of family or friends, of my bank at home, and of my Embassy or High Commission in New Zealand

Emergency contact numbers for my insurance company and for UCIC.

I have given my family a New Zealand contact address.