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New Zealand has three official languages, English, Maori and New Zealand Sign Language. But like all English speaking countries, there are certain things that New Zealanders say and do a little differently than other English speaking countries.

For example the Kiwi is a very small, cute, fluffy bird – in fact it is the national bird of New Zealand, but ‘Kiwi’ is also the word used to describe people or things from New Zealand. Here’s your survival guide to ‘Kiwi-isms’ that you can have some fun with and will have you speaking like a local in no time….

  • Kia ora – Hello in Maori

  • Kiwi – A person from New Zealand

  • Bach – A small holiday home

  • Cheers – Thank you

  • Chilly Bin – an ice box for keeping food cold

  • Chuffed – Pleased, happy

  • Cuppa – cup of tea or coffee

  • Jersey – sweater, woollen jumper

  • Jandal – Flip flop

  • Lolly – Candy

  • She’ll be right – Everything will be OK

  • Sorted – Done or finished

  • Sweet-as – Cool or Awesome

  • Tiki Tour – the longer, more scenic route

  • Togs – Swim suit